Locate Free WiFi Hotspot with Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature

Locate Free WiFi Hotspot with Facebook's Find Wi-Fi Feature

Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature Now Officially launching Globally. Facebook is expanding its “Find WiFi” feature, which will allow users to locate WiFi hotspots through the app, around the globe. Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature Rolling Out to All iOS and Android Users Worldwide

Facebook's Find Wi-Fi Feature

The feature was already rolled out in select counties, according to a release from Facebook. The social media company found that the addition helped serve travelers and people using their phones in areas with poor coverage.

“Find Wi-Fi helps you locate available Wi-Fi hot spots nearby that businesses have shared with Facebook from their Page. So wherever you are, you can easily map the closest connections when your data connection is weak,” the post added.

Facebook's Find Wi-Fi Feature

Besides being a handy addition that helps Facebook’s now 2 billion monthly users stay connected to the network and spend more time in its app – something that directly impacts Facebook’s bottom line – the tool also serves as another way to discover local businesses. That means users might start turning to Facebook to find the closest coffee shop with Wi-Fi, instead of Google Maps.


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New Facebook Feature Will Help You Find WiFi Wherever You Are

The feature can be found under the “More” tab in the Facebook app. After selecting “Find WiFi,” users can turn on the feature to see nearby hotspots.

Facebook's Find Wi-Fi Feature

According to Facebook, the hotspot locations are shared with the network by businesses. The expanded rollout of the feature began on Friday.

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Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature

Facebook says “Find Wi-Fi” is beginning to roll out globally on iPhone and Android.

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