Biryani is Healthy or Not? Top Health Precautions 2023 & Foods Trend

Biryani is Healthy or Not Top Health Precautions 2023 & Foods Trend

If we discuss about national eating habits then Black Tea stands 1st in line and next Biryani will stand in Position. Biryani has got the status of our national dish now there is a lot of talk about biryani on social media so we want to explore and tell you that Biryani is Healthy or Not? and also Top Health Precautions 2023 & Foods Trend. Biryani can be a healthy dish if some things are taken care of let’s know.

Biryani Near me

Biryani is available in many recipes and Names but Most Popular and Tasty Biryani is available in Karachi & Hyderabad by Name Sindhi Biryani. Which is most tasty and spicy in all biryanis. You can eat it from many restaurants in Karachi & Hyderabad while visiting Karachi and you can order it from many deliver service providers.

Biryani is Healthy or Not?

Meat or Vegetables Biryani usually uses meat which is beef, mutton or chicken, they are very good source of protein so there is no problem in using them, but if vegetables are added in place of them or vegetables are added with them. If combined, biryani can become a healthy food.

Top Health Precautions 2023

Biryani is now commonly using it every day is office and educational institutes so you should aware about your health. This precaution should be Top Health Precautions 2023. Potatoes are not included in the vegetable here as they can cause increase in carbohydrates i.e., sugar

Spices used in biryani are very healthy in themselves like ginger, garlic, onion, green coriander, mint and garam masala like cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and star anise etc. There is no harm in using.

Top Health Precautions 2023

Apart from these two more ingredients i.e. rice and ghee or oil are the things to be careful about. Now many brands offering good organic ghee and oil with low fat and cholesterol free. You can buy it from many super stores from your city.

Generally, the amount of ghee or oil can be high in biryani due to which its calories increase especially the fat. Dhaba’s Biryani uses very unhealthy ghee so be careful while eating it from these places.

So, it is always advisable to always cook biryani at home and use less amount of ghee or good oil to reduce its caloric load as market ghee or oil is unhealthy.

Now the most important ingredient of biryani i.e., Rice. Rice is rich in carbohydrates due to which its consumption in high quantity is harmful for people with diabetes and weight loss. If kept low, it would be appropriate. Because these carbohydrates cause a spike in blood sugar after they enter your body, if accompanied by a large amount of fresh vegetable salad that is high in fiber, your blood sugar will spike after eating biryani. The spike will be less.

Is it OK to eat biryani everyday? Biryani is Healthy or Not?

Must use curd raita which is probiotic then it will be suitable for you and now the most important recipe biryani cannot be used as a daily dish it should be used at longer intervals i.e., in two weeks or months. It should be eaten once in a month.

And in this arrangement also keep in mind all the instructions mentioned above i.e., use vegetables. Always take a big plate of salad with biryani & reduce the amount of rice while eating biryani and the amount of ghee & oil should also be kept low.

Diabetic patients and people who are losing weight should take a short walk after about 20-30 minutes after eating biryani. The most important thing is not to consume soft drinks with biryani. These soft drinks are loaded with sugar. They happen and can seriously harm your health.

Plain water would be fine and green tea without sugar would be fine if taken shortly after biryani.

Dr Affan Qaiser Latest Video about Biryani

Dr Muhammad Affan Qaiser is the only medical influencer in the country with the highest number of followers across the globe. He is Consultant Gastroenterologist & Transplant Hepatologist. Nowadays his video are viral about eating Samosa/Pizza and Biryani also. He is continuously posting videos about health tips and Bad eating habits of society. See the Dr Affan Qaiser Latest Video about Biryani and learn more about health and Biryani.

Is biryani the national dish of Pakistan?

In this article we discussed about national eating habits. By exploring our wedding and events food menu, we can say that Biryani has got the status of our national dish. We also discussed above about the Biryani variants and ingredients used in making so we can understand that Biryani is Healthy or Not?

So what do you think about about Foods Trend 2023 and what’s your favorite Biryani. Tell us in comments sections.

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